My Test Prep Programs

View the links below to learn more about my 1-on-1 consultation and tutoring, one-to-many speaking arrangements/seminars, and my record-breaking online SAT/PSAT preparation program, The Green SAT System:


The Green SAT System

The Online SAT Prep System Guaranteed to Maximize Your Scores

I’ve turned my entire test prep system into an online program that any student can use, at any time, in his or her own home, and raises the average student’s SAT score by over 380 points.

The program costs only $597, is guaranteed to work, and comes with everything you need to improve your SAT scores.


The Green ACT System

My New Online ACT Prep System

The ACT has now eclipsed the SAT as the most popular college admissions test. Though the SAT and ACT serve the same purpose, test mostly the same material, and are judged as equals in the eyes of college admissions committees, they have wildly different styles and formats. That is why I have created the dedicated ACT prep program: The Green ACT System.

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